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Thunderstorms poured rain on much of the nation Wednesday, flooding sections of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New Mexico. A severe storm in New York City claimed a life.

Urban flooding was reported in southeast New York, northern New Jersey, northeast Pennsylvania and Hobbs, N.M., where very heavy rainfall continued into the morning.Showers and thunderstorms extended from southern New England to southeast New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, the Virginias, Ohio, Kentucky, southern Indiana and southern Illinois, from Minnesota to Arkansas, and over northern Texas, New Mexico and southern Arizona.

In New York City on Tuesday night, a 32-year-old Staten Island man died after being hit on the head by bricks that fell from a building struck by lightning, police said.

Heat blistered many parts of the country Tuesday, increasing the threat of wildfires.

In California, a firefighting crew narrowly escaped death as new brush and timber blazes broke out in the 100-plus degree heat that baked drought-parched Northern California.

The 400-acre Bridge Fire three miles south of the Calaveras County community of West Point swept over a state pumper crew after they ran out of water, but the four firefighters survived because they took refuge in heat-resistant shelters they carried with them, officials said.

In central Oregon, a forest and grass fire quickly spread to 50 acres northeast of Prineville.