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The city council appropriated Tuesday an additional $353,000 toward the Bayview Landfill development.

Dave Gunn, director of public services, said this brings the city's total investment to more than $500,000 for the landfill just north of Elberta, as $200,000 already has been used to build a road and prepare the site.The $353,000 will be used for road improvements, construction of a building, a pump, a water tank, a water line, a pump station and power lines.

The only opposition to building the landfill has come from owners of a fruit farm next to the 640-acre site. Elberta Farms, owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was concerned that dust created by the landfill would damage orchards.

City officials have met with church officials and agreed to provide facilities to keep the dust under control.

The city also agreed to establish a three-man arbitration panel to protect the interests of the fruit farm and monitor landfill procedures.

Mayor Joe Jenkins said he still hasn't received final word from the church's Presiding Bishopric regarding its concerns that Provo may turn the site into a countywide dump.

Provo is looking to see how many surrounding cities in the county are interested in using the landfill. Orem and Lindon have expressed interest.

Construction of the "cells" at the landfill will not begin until church and city officials iron out minor details of the agreement.

The mayor said that if construction begins soon, the city plans to have the landfill open sometime this fall. Gunn said he expects construction of the first cell to cost between $2 million and $2.5 million.

"I am pleased to hear the problem with our neighbors can be solved through the mayor's efforts," Council Chairman Ron Last said. "I think we can operate a landfill in such a way that they won't have any concern about what we are doing."

To provide the additional funding, the council passed a resolution transferring $353,000 from the sanitation fund balance to the general capital improvement projects fund.

In other action, the council approved a resolution appropriating $637,200 in the East Bay capital improvement projects fund to be used for completion of the infrastructure on the north end of the business center.

Infrastructure improvements include new road construction, the extension of existing roads, water, sewer and storm drain lines and curbs and gutters.

City developers expect the construction project to last 120 days.