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Two "mystery" women are making life a little more pleasant for Utah's homeless population.

The women first made their appearance during the holidays, when they brought a U-Haul trailer full of food to the Salt Lake food bank warehouse. Rita Inoway, of the Voluntary Action Center, said they purchased pounds of canned food and donated it to the Community Services Council's food bank.When Tom Vaughn of the food bank asked if they wanted a receipt, they said they knew the food would be put to good use, and they didn't need a receipt.

Several months later, the same women showed up with a truckload of toys. They said they had a wonderful time shopping for the toys, got good bargains by watching for toy sales, and were able to purchase many little red wagons, shiny new red tricycles, some tiny push cars and even a little red rocking chair. Dolls were also plentiful in the selection.

Once more, they rejected a receipt, adding that they were "tickled and thrilled to help."

Vaughn said, "They came and boosted me when my faith in people had been badly shaken."

Inoway said generous volunteers such as these give the whole community a boost. "Our food pantries and community agencies who serve children have been grateful recipients of the gifts of these two women. We do not know their names, but we thank them sincerely."

If you'd like to inquire about, or volunteer for, any of the following requests, call the Voluntary Action Center of the Community Services Council, 212 W. 13th South, 486-2136.

Work in the clipping service for the city council. One-to-two-hour shifts.

Teach arts and crafts at care center. Tuesday or Thursday afternoons.

Teach sewing skills to refugee women with families. Two hours a week, Monday or Wednesday afternoons (1:30-3:30).

Donate crib, clothing, diapers, bottles, sterilizer, etc., to young mother.

Give toys, swing set, televisions, strollers and dressers to shelter care program.

Volunteer with pickup truck is needed twice a month to transport cans to recycling plant for Children's Museum of Utah.

Collate and compile 60 manuals. One or two hours.

Read for the Radio Reading Service for the Blind. One-hour shifts.

Donate bicycles for six children, ages 5-17.

Help with summer activities for the handicapped.

Be "on call" to provide emotional break for caretakers of elderly relatives. Stay with patients a few hours a week.

Be an assistant fitness instructor at care center. Twice a week, Monday, Wednesday or Saturday.

Donate household items to formerly homeless woman.

Teach English as a second language. One or two times a week for two hours in the afternoon.

Read to the blind near 30th South and 13th East for a couple of hours.

Musical group or band to entertain at Friendship Manor.

Donate a queen-size padded headboard for severely handicapped woman.

Provide eyeglasses, books, magazines, canned fruit, vegetables, children's toys and men's clothing to St. Vincent's De Paul.

Donate an IBM-compatible P.C. to Voluntary Action Center.

Provide a piano for University Hospital.

Work on the rape crisis hotline. Training Aug. 5, 6 and 7. Twenty hours a month.

Read training information to blind man at Federal Building. Two hours a day for one week.

Help with bingo or scripture study at care center.

Volunteer to care for infant or young child while mother takes a little time away from the house.

Donate clothing for young woman. Size 16 tops and blouses, 14 pants, 7-medium shoes.

Provide school clothes for children 5-18. Items may be dropped off at 802 S. Sixth East from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday through Saturday.

Give single mother a baby walker so child can entertain himself.

Chaperone a young handicapped mother during visits with infant on special holidays.

Help with nursing home residents' hands and nails.

Help Veterans Administration with placement, coordination and training of volunteers. Good communication skills essential.

Work in the reception area and escort patients in Rehabilitation Center.

Help with non-denominational church service at care center.

Donate time to hospital gift shop.

Work on future projects and regular office duties at American Lung Association.

Decorate hospital ward for holidays and special occasions.

Donate bicycles, tricycles and playground equipment to refugee center's summer program. Also educational toys.

Build a ramp for a handicapped woman.

Volunteer at IHC hospice.