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Pee-wee Herman received the 1,874th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Wednesday, clowning his way through a ceremony in his queeky-voiced character and calling it "the high point in my whole career."

The star is conveniently located in front of a toy store, where talking Pee-wee Herman dolls were selling for $36.99."Hollywood is really the greatest town in the world and it's the capital of enchantment and fantasy, and the movies and entertainment," Herman said in his aw-shucks manner and wearing his trademark too-small gray suit and bow-tie.

About 200 attended the ceremonies.

A cultural phenomenon who perplexed many adults and critics, the entertainer established the eerily childish Pee-wee character with a vast and impressionable audience the following year, starring in a children's television series, "Pee-wee's Playhouse," on CBS.