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Fifth-grade student Doug Brasher has been selected to compete nationally in "Invent America!" - a national educational program and student invention competition.

Brasher, a student at Howard Driggs Elementary School, was chosen for his "Game Saver" invention, which strengthens or repairs the corners of broken board game boxes.Nine national winners (one from each grade) will be announced July 28. The inventions will be on display throughout the summer at the Smithsonian Institution.

Brasher, one of nine Utah winners, was the lone Utahn to survive a 10-state regional competition and earn himself a trip later this month to the nationals in Washington, D.C., where he'll compete against four other fifth-grade regional winners. He'll be accompanied by his parents, Burton K. and Susan Brasher and his teacher, Jana Garrett.

Each Utah winner will receive a $200 bond, their teachers will be awarded a $250 grant and their schools will be given a $500 grant.

Other Utah winners are: Kindergarten student Ryan McPherson from Nephi Elementary for his "No-Blow Plate" invention; first-grade student Teri Sanders from Twin Peaks Weight Elementary School for her "Toddlers Door Opener" invention; second-grade student Brian Lewis from Woodstock Elementary School for his "Squeeze-It" invention; third-grade student Rebecca Reimann from Oakwood Elementary School for her "Revolving Pen Holder" invention; fourth-grade student Jenny Foulger from Woodstock Elementary School for her "Freshen-Me-Up" invention; sixth-grade student Kenneth Milne from William Penn School for his "Cat Caller or Watch Dog" invention; seventh-grade student Tiffani Manchester from San Rafael Junior High for her "Klean Wipes" invention; and eighth-grade student Tiffany Nelson from San Rafael Junior High for her "Waves of Fluff" invention.

The program is designed to spark creativity, ingenuity and motivation through the invention process among the nation's elementary school children. One student invention from each grade, kindergarten through eighth, is selected from each state.