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Parking in the Utah County Regional Government Complex parking terrace will be regulated starting Aug. 1, following the adoption Wednesday of a parking resolution by the Utah County Commission.

Measuring 218,000 square feet with some 700 stalls, the six-level parking terrace is part of the $30 million regional government complex that houses state and county offices.The resolution designed to regulate traffic and parking in the terrace is nothing new. It is an amendment to a 1979 county ordinance that established parking regulations for the area around the Utah County Courthouse.

One parking terrace stall is allowed for each elected official, supervisor or employee of the government complex, and those individuals are required to park in their assigned stalls. The remainder of the stalls will serve as one-hour parking for the public.

The parking lot east of and adjacent to the courthouse will be used to accommodate county commissioners, 4th District Court judges and sheriff's department personnel.