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The State Tax Commission's chief economist - suspended earlier this month after a controversial memo bearing his name was leaked - resumed his duties Thursday.

Doug Macdonald, head of the Economic and Statistical Unit, was reinstated Wednesday after more than a week of administrative leave."He has the full confidence of the tax commission," said commission spokesman Lee Shaw.

Gov. Norm Bangerter has been critical of the Tax Commission, and Macdonald in particular, for the inaccuracy of recent state revenue forecasts.

Macdonald was relieved of his position after he wrote an internal Tax Commission memo expressing his concerns about the governor's plan to rebate a $67 million budget surplus. That memo was leaked to a Democratic representative, who quoted from it at length during a floor debate in a legislative special session.

"The Tax Commission continues to have confidence in the work of the Economic and Statistical Unit and we realize that reasonable people have differing views on economic forecasts. Nonetheless, we will continue to rely on the information from Doug and his staff and we now consider the issue closed," said Hal Hansen, commission chairman.