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After publicly apologizing for his latest brush with controversy, Washington Redskins defensive end Dexter Manley hopes he can avoid being punished by the NFL.

Manley is scheduled to meet on Friday with commissioner Pete Rozelle to respond to an inquiry from the league. It will be Manley's second discussion with Rozelle this year.Manley's lawyer, Bob Woolf, denies the meeting concerns substance abuse. But Manley didn't disavow an article in Wednesday's Washington Post that said the inquiry was triggered by a positive result for a "minor" substance in a recent drug test.

Instead, Manley apologized.

"I deeply regret this happening because of my family," he told WJLA-TV. "I've never been in a situation like this. ... For this to happen to me blows my mind. I'm in a state of confusion."

Manley did not specify what the inquiry was about, and Woolf insisted it concerned "something minor" and that the letter demanding the meeting "didn't mention anything about him flunking a drug test."

"I never said I was a Boy Scout," Manley said. "I've been a Boy Scout at times, but I've also done things on my own."

Manley, who is due to report to the Redskins' training camp Saturday, said he was hopeful he could emerge from the meeting with Rozelle without punishment.

"I have to see what the commissioner puts on the table. I want to look him eye to eye, let him see Dexter Manley," he said. "I've got a lot of positive things going for me and I want to come out of this A-OK."

Redskins officials, meanwhile, assumed a wait-and-see stance toward the situation.

"It's in the league's hands, and when the league informs us what went on in the meeting, then we'll probably be able to say something," Redskins general manager Bobby Beathard said. "But right now I don't know enough about it to talk about it."