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Bruce Springsteen had East Berlin ringing with the sound of "Born in the USA" Tuesday but he made it clear his concert before 160,000 people was not a political statement. "It's great to be in East Berlin," he told the crowd. "I would just like to say I am not here today in support of or in opposition to any government. I'm here to play some rock 'n' roll music for East Berliners in the hope that some day all the barriers between us will be torn down." He then broke into Bob Dylan's "Chimes of Freedom." Springsteen had the East Germans singing along in English and he responded by speaking a few words of their native tongue - a trick he's been employing at many of his European stops. The concert was hastily arranged after Springsteen requested permission to play East Berlin a couple of weeks ago. Officials dispensed with the red tape and permitted the show because, according to Springsteen's camp, "Bruce is known there as a friend of the working people and especially the unemployed."