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Granite District's 10 year-round schools will open July 26. Almost 10,000 students and teachers will make the early start on the school year - almost one in five of the district's elementary school children.

Five of the schools will be initiating year-round schedules, while five were on the program last year. The alternative scheduling is helping to house more students in the growing areas of the district without making it necessary to build new schools.The schools are Bacchus, Beehive, Bridger, Copper Hills, Farnsworth, Fox Hills, Hillside, Pleasant Green, South Kearns and West-brook.

The savings in tax dollars are significant, said Dave Adams, coordinator of year-round programs. The cost of each new elementary school is approximately $3.5 million. Additional costs that would be involved in operating and maintaining new buildings also are saved.

The year-round schedule increases utilization of buildings by 20 percent, Adamson said. For every five schools on the extended schedule, the district saves the cost of operating one school.

Granite uses a modified four-track schedule. All children have a common three-week vacation in July. When school begins on the 26th, students will attend a series of nine-week sessions, with three weeks between each session.