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Andrew Leslie Derbyshire, 77, says he is an ordinary person with an ordinary life story - but his extraordinary effort in keeping a diary may make him the study of future historians.

Derbyshire, who has been keeping a journal for 60 years, has donated 55 volumes along with personal papers to the Historical Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Included in his collection are letters, poems, speeches, theses and even his tax returns."I want people to know how much I made, particularly my grandchildren. I want them to know not because it was so much, but because I got by on so little," he said.

He has written in his journal daily since 1911, chronicling his activities and those of his family in loose-leaf binders.

Derbyshire said the LDS Church was interested in the collection because they don't have many 20th century histories.

He said he started keeping a diary after he wanted to know more about his grandfather's life, but found no written records had been left. "Not wishing to be a statistic on a piece of paper, I started writing," he said.