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Nico, a counter-culture figure in the 1960s who sang with the Velvet Underground pop group and starred in Andy Warhol movies, died at age 49, her manager said Friday.

Her manager, Manchester-based Alan Wise, said she died in a hospital on the Spanish island of Ibiza Monday night, a few hours after falling off a bicycle. A coroners' report said she suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, Wise said.She is to be cremated on Tuesday in Berlin, he said.

She had been vacationing on Ibiza with Ari, her 25-year-old son by French actor Alain Delon.

Born Christa Paffgen in Germany, she grew up in Berlin and worked as a model in Paris and Rome before getting a minor role in 1960 in Federico Fellini's movie "La Dolce Vita."

In the 1960s she moved to New York, joining pop artist Andy Warhol's coterie of what he called "superstars." She appeared in Warhol's film "Chelsea Girls," and was featured with the Velvet Underground, singing songs written by the group's leader, Lou Reed.