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Eastern Airlines Inc. said Friday it will slash operations by 12 percent beginning in September and eliminate 4,000 jobs, or about one in eight positions nationwide, in an effort to stem financial losses.

The airline said the cuts mean the elimination of service in 14 cities, including Dallas, Minneapolis and San Diego, and the elimination of Kansas City as a hub.Eastern's reservation center and operations at the Salt Lake International Airport will be spared from cuts that the Miami-based airline is instituting nationwide.

"No agents here are affected nor are we going to cancel any of our flights here," said Gary Sorensen, a supervisor at Eastern's reservation center. "We have just two flights a day, so we don't have a whole lot of support (crews) at the airport."

A total of 450 employees work at the reservation center, 2445 W. Jetway Ave., Sorensen said, with a dozen more working the planes.

Eastern said it expects to trim union and non-union jobs alike, including cuts in its staff of pilots, flight attendants, ground service workers and management and clerical personnel. Workers will be told by Monday at the latest, the company said.