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The Utah Travel Council Thursday launched a 2-week advertising campaign in San Diego to lure tourists from Southern California to the Beehive State.

The television ads were filmed in Salt Lake City and Bryce Canyon and employ some footage from "Impressions of Utah," the Travel Council's award-winning promotional film.The ad campaign will test the concept of "direct response television," something less expensive than ordinary television packages. Most direct response commercials are aired in fringe times, with some showings in prime time.

The 60-second commercial, called "Backyard Vacation," emphasizes how easy it is to get to Utah and encourages people to call a toll-free "800" number for more tourist information.

"We chose the San Diego market because it was the largest metropolitan area we could afford," said Travel Council Director Jay C. Woolley. "It's an isolated market that will give us a good, clean test of the direct response idea."

If the test is successful, direct response campaigns will become a major part of the Travel Council's summer 1989 ad campaign.