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Waterloo, N.Y., has finally honored one of its most famous daughters, a barnyard belle whose profile is well-known to generations of milk drinkers.

Waterloo town fathers and the Seneca County Chamber of Commerce Friday unveiled a sign on Route 96 reading simply: "Waterloo, N.Y., Birthplace of Elsie the Cow - 1932." A picture of the famous bovine's face also was revealed.Elsie, the symbol of Borden Dairy products since 1935, was born on a farm in Waterloo in 1932, according to Dick Compo, chamber of commerce president.

Borden officials picked the jersey cow to be Elsie to satisfy public demand for a real-life counterpart to a popular cartoon cow in Borden advertisements.

Elsie's advertised words soon became a popular Borden trademark.

"Dear Mom, I'm so excited I can barely chew," the celebrity cow said. "From now on I'm sending all my milk to Borden."

Compo said the sign was erected because "Elsie is a community asset."

Among those attending the unveiling was one of the current Elsies, who is visiting the Seneca County Fair in Waterloo.