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Mormonism and Early Christianity, by Hugh Nibley, Deseret Book Co., 40 E. South Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah 84130-0178; 446 pages, $15.95.

This is the fourth in a series of the collected works of Hugh Nibley, a prominent LDS scholar. The book contains nine essays dealing with topics ranging from the "Early Accounts of Jesus' Childhood" to "What Is a Temple?"

The essays compare the early Christian Church and its doctrines with those taught by the LDS Church today. Through these comparisons, the author shows that many of the doctrines that seem to be unique to Mormonism were practiced by early Christians. The essays also give in-depth looks at the Savior's 40-day ministry after His resurrection, baptism for the dead in ancient times and the passing of the primitive church.

"Many of the conclusions and arguments in these articles will stand in future scholarship; others will be discarded," wrote one of the book's editors, Todd M. Compton. "But Hugh Nibley's work has laid the foundation for all further discussion." KS

Teens, Temple Marriage & Eternity, by Allan K. Burgess, published by Deseret Book, P.O. Box 30178, Salt Lake City, Utah 84130, $8.95, 105 pages.

Temple marriage is a lofty yet elusive goal for many Latter-day Saint youths. In this book, author Allan K. Burgess, a seminary teacher for 20 years, lists ways to bring temple marriages within reach.

One way, for example, is for young people to prepare for a celestial marriage, not just a temple wedding.

"In order to marry the right person in the right place, we need to be a `right person' ourselves," writes Burgess. "As you are growing through your teen years and preparing for marriage, it is not as important for you to find the right person as it is for you to work on becoming the right person for someone else.

"As we become more spiritual, obedient and prayerful, we tend to attract those with similar qualities." JH