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The rupture and explosion of two underground gas pipelines forced the temporary evacuation of 200 people and and left a crater 30 feet in diameter and 25 feet deep in a highway, authorities said Saturday.

No injuries resulted from the Friday evening blast, which sent flames up to 300 feet in the air, said Shawnee County Sheriff's Deputy Richard Denton.The residents of an apartment complex and trailer court were allowed to return to their undamaged homes after the fire was extinguished about 1 a.m. Saturday, Denton said.

The explosion blasted a crater into the northbound lanes of U.S. 75 near Topeka, he said.

Officials of Tulsa, Okla.-based Mid America Petroleum Co., the pipelines' owner, met with city officials and emergency personnel Saturday to determine the cause of the rupture and the extent of damage, Benton said.