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The Rev. Jesse Jackson headed home to Chicago Saturday, leaving town in a decidedly more low-key manner than he entered and maintaining that his failed presidential campaign made history at the Democratic National Convention.

The civil rights leader refused to speculate on whether he would seek public office again, saying that his priority now is to work for the Democratic ticket in the fall presidential race."My focus now is on the fall campaign," he told reporters as he left a downtown Atlanta hotel. "We'll be spending a lot of time organizing for voter registration, issue interpretation, involving people - many for the first time - and a big turnout for the fall campaign."

Of his post-election plans, Jackson said, "We'll have to determine what will happen, based on the outcome of the campaign. But we take this journey one phase at a time."

Jackson took members of his family, campaign staffers and journalists to a well-known, black-owned hotel and restaurant for lunch.