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Most Cache County residents favor bringing Utah Transit Authority buses to their area, even if it means raising local sales taxes, a poll shows.

A Dan Jones & Associates survey released this week found that 78 percent favor the bus system. The telephone survey of 400 residents was conducted June 24-28."We're pleased with the poll because 63 percent said they would be willing to fund the transit system by increasing the sales tax by one-quarter cent," said Alan Miner, UTA projects manager.

The question of whether UTA moves into Cache County will be on the ballot at the same time Utahns vote on three tax rollback and limitation proposals.

The same poll that showed Cache residents favor UTA also showed they support reducing taxes through those initiatives, although the poll was taken before the initiatives had qualified for the ballot.

A total of 45 percent said they supported the initiative that would limit property taxes, with 24 percent opposed and 31 percent undecided. Fifty-one percent supported the initiative that would roll back income and other taxes to the 1986 level, 39 percent were against and 12 percent undecided.

"It is important that UTA educate residents because of the required sales tax increase coming at a time when many residents will apparently vote to reduce other taxes," the Jones staff said.

When asked, "From what you know or have heard, do you have a favorable or unfavorable impression of the UTA?" 66 percent had a favorable impression, 6 percent unfavorable and 18 percent didn't know.

Respondents also were asked, "How important do you feel it is for Cache County to have a public bus system?" Seventy-eight percent said it is important or very important.