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Two Salt Lake County men have been charged with misdemeanor cruelty to animals in complaints filed by the Humane Society of Utah. The complaints were signed by 3rd Precinct Justice of the Peace Dan K. Armstrong.

The filings follow an investigation by John Paul Fox on behalf of the society. About 125 rabbits were involved in the alleged cruelty, which occurred between June 25 and July 11, according to the complaints. Some 34 of the Rex and New Zealand breed rabbits were already dead when the animals were found by the society.The complaints accuse Robert Marquardt and Bruce Henroid, no addresses available, of "intentionally or knowingly failing to provide necessary food, care or shelter for animals in their custody, or transporting or confining an animal in a cruel manner."

The Humane Society has been caring for the surviving animals since their discovery. If the owners of the rabbits fail to respond to legal notice by providing for the care of the animals until the judicial action is completed and by making restitution to the Humane Society by July 25, the society will seek a court order to hold a public auction to sell the rabbits in order to recover the cost of caring for them, Fox said.