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The Utah County Travel Council, in cooperation with Brigham Young University, is making some "colorful suggestions" to more than 12,000 BYU alumni living in California.

"The purpose of this mailing is to remind people who went to school here that Utah County offers plenty of color and excitement in the late summer and fall," said James T. Young, director of the Utah County Travel Council.Young said the travel council plans to send information to BYU alumni twice a year. "We really appreciate the cooperation of the BYU administration in promoting travel in Utah County," he said.

BYU alumni living in the San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego areas will receive the travel council's mailer by the end of July. The packets contain information regarding special events, major Utah County attractions and BYU football, among other things.

"We really wanted to emphasize activities that people can enjoy here during the summer and fall, especially things they can't do at home in California," Young said.

Young said such activities include bicycling through the Alpine Loop past Cascade Springs and Mount Timpanogos, fly fishing in the Provo River, exploring Timpanogos Cave, attending the Sundance Summer Theater, and riding Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid's old Outlaw Trail.

"My experience suggests that many people with Utah County ties, including all BYU alumni, will return to the area for business travel and family vacations if they know what's happening of interest to them," Young said. "We want to get the word out to them."