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Having lost his starting job, veteran defensive end Rulon Jones may be targeted for a different role with the Denver Broncos in 1988 - that of designated pass-rusher.

"If he's a designated pass-rusher," said defensive coordinator Joe Collier, "I say he's going to make 15 or 16 sacks for us this season. Do you think that's of any value to our team? I do."When Jones was demoted to second string behind Andre Townsend at right end on Friday, the assumption was that it was an attempt to motivate him to play better defense against the run and that, in time, he would regain his starting spot.

But defensive line coach Stan Jones said the elevation of Townsend was made with the intention of keeping him there.

"We're trying to keep Andre in one spot all year," Jones said. "He's been a very versatile guy, but between the left end, the right end, the nose tackle and the various other things he does, he's never really had an opportunity to develop one spot."