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Seattle Seahawks coach Chuck Knox sees no reason to worry about holdouts, even when one of his best players is inolved.

"I don't know anything about Fredd Young other than that he wasn't out here," Knox said Tuesday when asked about his holdout linebacker. "If he's out here, he practices. If he's not, he doesn't. It's that simple. We do not get discouraged by things we have no control over."

Young, a four-time Pro Bowl player, pulled another disappearing act at the NFL team's training camp, showing up for morning practice but then walking out before the afternoon session. It was the third straight day that Young, seeking to renegotiate his contract, was in and out of camp.

Young's agent, Jeff Dankworth, has met with Seahawks president Mike McCormack the past two days with no resolution of the holdout.

Meanwhile, the Seahawks were missing Pro Bowl running back Curt Warner, who was poked in the eye during practice Monday. Knox said Warner will not play in a scrimmage Thursday against Houston. Overseas British promoters are billing Sunday's game in London as a replay of the 1985 Super Bowl between quarterbacks Dan Marino of Miami and Joe Montana of San Francisco. But both coaches are telling the British press that won't be the case.

"It's a natural billing, but it's really not that simple," Miami coach Don Shula said as the teams began preparations for the NFL's fourth straight London showcase. "But it's truly a team game in every sense of the word. It's more than one against one."