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A fifth member of a polygamist sect has been indicted in Phoenix on charges stemming from the alleged operation of a major truck-theft ring, the county attorney's office said Tuesday.

Heber LeBaron, 24, was named in the same July 19 indictment as four other members of the Church of the Lamb of God, said Sylvia Lopez, a spokeswoman for the Maricopa County attorney's office.The indictment of the others - Douglas Barlow, 28; Richard LeBaron, 18, Tarsa LeBaron, 22; and Cynthia LeBaron, age available - was announced Friday. Heber LeBaron's indictment was not unsealed until Monday, Lopez said.

Each of the five has been charged with one count of conspiracy to control an illegal enterprise, one count of control of an illegal enterprise and 20 counts of felony theft, Lopez said.

She said they were being held under $274,000 bond each pending their arraignments in Maricopa County Superior Court scheduled for Friday.

Lopez said that the defendants were accused of stealing a number of late-model pickup trucks and four-wheel-drive vehicles in the Phoenix area.

Phoenix police arrested the five on July 1 after running a routine check on a truck found parked outside a motel where they were staying and finding that it had been reported stolen in Texas.

Heber LeBaron is the son of the late Ervil LeBaron, founder of the Church of the Lamb of God. The sect has been linked to 18 deaths and disappearances of former LeBaron followers and family members over the past 22 years.

Texas authorities are attempting to extradite Barlow and Heber LeBaron, who are half-brothers. LeBaron is wanted on a November 1986 aggravated-robbery charge in Richardson, Texas, and Barlow is wanted in a vehicle burglary in Houston.