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Thirty of Utah's quiet heros those who have donated blood on a regular basis for hospital patients throughout the West - will be honored July 29 at LDS Hospital.

IHC Blood Services' Donor Recognition Reception will feature tributes to the donors who have reached the 5- or 10-gallon plateau this year. Figuring that only six donations of blood are allowed each year, a 5-gallon donation takes at least six years of regular donations; a 10-gallon donation takes at least 12 years.The 7 p.m. reception will be held in the hospital's Education Center auditorium, which has a private entrance a half-block north of the main hospital entrance at 8th Ave. and C Street.

IHC Blood Services is a non-profit network that serves as the major source of blood and blood components to 41 hospitals in Utah. LDS Hospital's Blood Bank serves as its central clearinghouse.