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Former Utah Attorney General Phil L. Hansen has been suspended from the practice of law pending the outcome of disciplinary proceedings.

Hansen faces allegations that he has neglected interests of his clients.Hansen, who served as the state's attorney general from 1965 to 1969 and was the last Democrat to have served in the post, was suspended by a three-member panel of the Utah Supreme Court Wednesday.

The justices, in their one-paragraph decision, granted the petition of the Utah State Bar that Hansen be placed on interim suspension pending the final outcome of disciplinary proceedings.

"For such a drastic step, to take away my livelihood without a confrontation (hearing in which he could confront his accusers) would be a violation of my due process rights," Hansen told the justices before their decision.

His attorney, former Utah Supreme Court Justice D. Frank Wilkins, argued his client should have the right to an evidentiary hearing in a lower court in which witnesses are presented and can be cross-examined.