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KSL-TV and Brigham Young University have reached agreement on the largest sports broadcast contract in Utah history.

The three-year deal, with a one-year option, is a multi-million dollar pact for Ch. 5 to broadcast BYU football and basketball games starting this fall."KSL Television is proud to play this important role as the broadcast medium for Cougar football and basketball," Bill Murdoch, vice president and general manager of KSL-TV said. "The size of the contract is indicative of the prominent place BYU has achieved in the world of sports."

BYU officials are also reportedly gratified by what it describes as a "mutually beneficial broadcast relationship."

A provision in the new contract states that BYU will produce the program in a format that will accommodate KSL's commercial and syndication needs.

KSL's TV rights will be exclusive, except that BYU shall retain the right to market its game broadcasts to TV stations and cable systems in areas not participating in the KSL-TV syndication network.

The contract extends to the 1992 basketball season and the number of games to be broadcast will be determined on a season-by-season basis.

Neither KSL or BYU would specify an exact dollar amount for the contract.

KSL Radio is expected to negotiate its own football and basketball contract with BYU later this year. - Lynn Arave.