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As sand trickled through an hourglass on Johnny Carson's desk, Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton humorously sought to deflate the windbag image he gained from a much-reviled speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Clinton, who has been called a windbag in Carson's jokes about the speech, traded quips with the "Tonight Show" host Thursday before jamming on saxophone with the show's band.And he told Carson that, contrary to some opinions, his over-long introduction of the Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis, was a stunning success.

"My sole goal was achieved," he said. "I wanted so badly to make Dukakis look great, and I succeeded beyond my wildest dreams,"

Carson told the audience during his monologue that Clinton was to be a guest, and added: "Not to worry, we have plenty of black coffee and extra cots in the lobby." He later introduced Clinton with a satirical, long-winded speech of his own.