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Various sections of highway throughout Salt Lake and Summit counties will receive new pavement surfaces in the near future.

The Utah Department of Transportation opened bids on the proj-ects, and Geneva Rock Products of Orem had the apparent low bid. The contract will not be awarded, however, until the bids are reviewed.A 2 1/2-inch bituminous overlay will be placed on U-210 in Little Cottonwood Canyon from Snowbird to Alta.

Plant mix seal coats will be placed on the following highway sections: I-80 at the Garfield Interchange, eastbound and westbound sides; 84th West, from 35th South to 54th South; I-15 from 33rd South to 23rd South, northbound and southbound sides; 35th South, from 40th West to 56th West; 33rd South, from 13th East to 27th East; 54th South, from 40th West to 49th West.

Also: Seventh East, from 33rd South to 45th South; U-190 in Big Cottonwood Canyon from Spruces Campground to Brighton; 13th East, from 33rd South to 39th South; U-248 from Park City Junction at U-224 to Park City High School and North Temple, from Redwood Road to the Jordan River.

The following bridge decks will also receive a seal coat to extend the life of the structure and provide a smoother ride: I-15 at 34th South, northbound side; I-15/I-80 collector at Fourth South (to airport), northbound side; I-15 at Fourth South, northbound side; I-15 at Third South, northbound side; I-15 at Second South, northbound side; I-15 at 21st South, southbound side; I-15 at 2250 South, southbound side; I-15 collector at 2250 South, southbound side and I-15 collector at 17th South, southbound side.