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Wilson C. Martin is the new preservation manager for the Utah Division of State History.

Martin assumed the post Friday and will be responsible for the historic preservation office and the antiquities section dealing with archaeology and paleontology.

Martin is a native of Salt Lake City and recently completed a graduate degree in historic preservation at England's York University. He also holds degrees from the University of Utah and Oxford University. He previously worked as a supervisor in the historic preservation office in 1986 prior to his return to England to complete his graduate degree and to establish a family business.

"His knowledge of the technology of preservation is most impressive," said Max J. Evans, division director. "He has a reputation as a manager who is capable of getting things done. We expect great things from this new, combined unit under Wilson's leadership."

The state historic preservation office is responsible for identifying significant historic and prehistoric sites in Utah, nominating sites for the National Register of Historic Places, and working with federal and state agencies on historic and prehistoric preservation issues.