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Jesse Jackson won the first round Friday in his legal battle to prevent a video company from marketing tapes of the speech he delivered at the Democratic National Convention.

U.S. District Court Judge James Zagel ordered MPI Home Video of Oak Forest, Ill., to stop temporarily selling and distributing a videotape of Jackson's speech.Jackson filed a lawsuit Thursday accusing MPI of illegally marketing the speech. After a 90-min-ute hearing, Zagel issued the temporary order, saying Jackson has a reasonable chance of winning a lawsuit he has filed against the company.

In the suit, Jackson claimed to hold a copyright to the speech.

Jackson's lawyer, Henry Mason, said the defeated presidential candidate should have the right to market the tapes if he chooses, and the MPI tapes destroy that opportunity.

"There will be no market if Mr. Jackson decides to put out his own authorized version of the speech," Mason said.

An attorney for MPI, James Morrin, argued that the tapes were a form of news dissemination similar to newspapers or television accounts of the speech.