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Public utility crews say a cleaning solvent that mysteriously seeped into drinking water in the Holladay area was flushed out of the system Friday and the water is safe to drink.

However, LeRoy W. Hooton Jr., director of public utilities for Salt Lake City, said the source of the chemical discovered in drinking water in homes between 21st and 26th East, and 6450 South and 66th South has not yet been determined.He said the area is isolated and the sources of water were very easy to identify. He said the water either came from the Big Cottonwood treatment plant or two wells. He said one of the wells was initially suspected but investigators now think the chemical may have come from a business or home not equipped with a "backflow preventer," which keeps potentially contaminated water from flowing back into the distribution center.

Officials learned of the contamination about 2 p.m. Thursday when residents complained of an odor in their water. Investigators determined the chemical was an organic substance contained in various cleaning solvents.