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The city council voted unanimously Wednesday to revoke the business license of the Cornerstone Apartments, 3185 S. Second East, until the owner can present a plan to control the tenants' loud noise and music.

Police have recorded more than 25 complaints from neighbors in nearby homes in the past three months. Neighbors told the council a number of tenants from the 14-unit apartment complex congregate outside on exterior patios and yell and play loud music until the early hours of the morning.One neighbor told the council that she and her husband have not been to sleep before 3 a.m. in the past month because of arguments, screaming and barking dogs outside their home.

Past complaints have resulted in tenant evictions, but Mayor James W. Davis said the condition of the property and the low rents tend to attract "people of the same lifestyle."

"The lifestyle of the tenants seems to be not compatible with the residential area around the apartments," Davis said. "Traditionally, they seem to be younger, single people who come out at night, playing their radios loud."

Complaints of noise and vandalism date back two years.

The owner of the apartments, John R. Corkery, Sandy, was unavailable for comment.

Property manager Mike Waddoups told the council that he has evicted six tenants in an effort to solve the problem, but he said he was not been aware of recurring problems.

The council told Waddoups that the business license would be revoked until a plan of operation was submitted to eliminate future tenant problems. The plan is subject to the approval of the council and the Board of Health and would then be probationary for a period of six months.

"When people start to disturb other people, then drastic action has to be taken," Davis said.