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Britain plans to evacuate 10 embassy workers and their dependents from Afghanistan this week because of fears of increased guerrilla attacks on the capital of Kabul, the Foreign Office said Saturday.

It has advised 98 other people to leave the country. That includes 45 Britons and 53 citizens of other countries that Britain represents in Afghanistan, including Australia, New Zealand and Finland."We have advised dependents and non-essential personnel among the British community to leave in view of the deteriorating security situation in Kabul," said a Foreign Office spokesman, speaking anonymously in keeping with British custom.

"We are withdrawing dependents and non-essential staff from our embassy. Essential staff will remain, the embassy will continue to function," he said.

The Foreign Office spokesman said Britain is responsible for about 110 people in Afghanistan, most of them Britons. The government does not have a firm figure because some Britons are not registered with the embassy, he said.