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A tax hike and a proposed interstate interchange that brought 300 people to council chambers in May will be the subject of two public hearings next week before the Salt Lake City Council.

The tax hike, termed "small" by the council lest citizens lose their cool, was already approved in the fiscal 1988-89 budget, prompting a "truth in taxation" hearing, which is required by state law, next Thursday.The increase will go toward funding the city library and will amount to $3.44 in taxes on a $70,000 home.

On Tuesday, the council will hold a public hearing on a proposed interchange at North Temple on I-15, a continuation of a hearing in May that attracted 300 citizens who were mostly opposed to the plan.

The council is developing a position to recommend to the state Department of Transportation, which will recommend to the Utah Legislature whether or not the project should be approved.

The interchange is one of several proposals made in a study on improving traffic conditions along the I-15 corridor.