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The body of U.S. Navy Capt. William E. Nordeen, the military attache killed in a terrorist bomb attack, was flown to the United States Tuesday for burial at Arlington National Cemetery.

After a brief ceremony on the tarmac at the U.S. Air Force base at Athens Airport, six bearers carried the flag-draped coffin into a U.S. Air Force C-141 transport plane for the flight to Dover, Del.The coffin was accompanied by Nordeen's British-born wife Patricia and 12-year-old daughter Annabel.

The burial will take place on Wednesday.

Nordeen, 51, died one week ago when a car bomb exploded next to his armor-plated car as he was driving to work from his home in a northern Athens suburb.

A local leftist terrorist group called November 17 said it had killed Nordeen. The group has taken responsibility for the 13 political assassinations in Athens since 1975, including the murder of two other American diplomats.

None of the killings has been solved. Greek police, who are being assisted by FBI and State Department investigators, say they have so far made no progress in the Nordeen case.