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Independent prosecutor James McKay concluded Tuesday his criminal probe of Attorney General Edwin Meese, filing under seal a massive 830-page report that apparently exonerates Meese of any criminal wrongdoing.

McKay's report was filed with a special three-judge federal appellate panel in Washington. Susan Bender, a spokeswoman for McKay, confirmed that the report runs 830 pages long.The report is one of the more extensive reviews of possible wrongdoing by a Cabinet member in the history of the nation - and perhaps the most exhaustive inquiry ever of an attorney general, the country's top law enforcement official.

Sources familiar with the preparation of the report have said that McKay does not intend to seek an indictment. On April 1, McKay said that based on the evidence he had at that time he did not intend to seek an indictment of Meese. But McKay is expected to refer some ethical matters to Justice Department investigators for review.

McKay did not appear at the court and issued no public statement to accompany his report. Jim Rocap, an attorney for Meese, said he could not comment on the report because a copy had not yet been made available to him. He said McKay's move to file a report essentially means an indictment is not being sought.

"There's no indication of any kind that they're planning to proceed with an indictment," Rocap added.