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Kenneth Gardner of Salt Lake City died of a heart attack last January while serving an LDS mission in India with his wife, Wilma. But Mrs. Gardner is keeping their mission alive, this time intellectually instead of spiritually.

Upon returning home, she set up a memorial scholarship fund in her husband's name through the Church Education System to help educate the people of Sri Lanka and India."Lack of education is really a problem in these two countries," Mrs. Gardner said. In one state where she and her husband worked, she said 66 percent of the people are illiterate.

"I want to give the scholarships to people who can go back and help their homeland, people who will be the leaders," Mrs. Gardner said. "My desire is to bring education there and to anyone that wants to take advantage of this."

Christy Asir, an 18-year-old from Madras, India, will be the first recipient of the scholarship. She will attend Brigham Young University in October.

"The scholarship will allow students in those countries to go to school - any school that they might be suited for," she said. "They might also use the scholarship in their own country.

"I can't set a whole nation on fire, but I can light a candle and if enough people light candles we can help those nations," she said.