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By order of the Ogden City Council, the city's air terminal has been renamed the Ogden Hinckley Airport in honor of civil aviation pioneer Robert H. Hinckley.

The council unanimously approved the name change Thursday night.The decision came over the objections of tax protester Connie Chandler, who urged the council not to change the name of the airport because of budget constraints and the costs associated with making the change.

However, Airport Manager John Wolfe said the only costs would be ordering new stationery and repainting the airport sign on 31st Street.

The name change has roots in Depression-era Ogden when the airport was named Hinckley Field. The name was changed to Ogden Municipal Airport when the new airport was built in the early 1940s.

Hinckley, who died in April, was an early chairman of the Civil Aeronautics Authority. He held many other posts in the Roosevelt administration and was one of the founders of the ABC television network.

Locally, he was known as the founder of Hinckley Dodge.