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A 5-year-old Huntington, Emery County, boy remained in critical but stable condition Wednesday in Primary Children's Medical Center after being struck by lightning Sunday afternoon.

Blake Dye, son of Mr. and Mrs. Denzil Dye, was in the hospital's intensive-care unit, where he is being treated for head injuries.Blake's cousin, Zachary, also 5, son of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Dye, Salt Lake City, was hit by lighting while the boys and were at a family reunion at Old Folks Flat Campground in Huntington Canyon. He was treated for an injury to his right leg and shock. He was released Monday from the hospital.

Laurine Kingston, Salt Lake City, a grandmother of the two boys who was at the scene, said the boys were injured when a "fireball of lightning hit, throwing them about 10 feet in the air and sending out a puff of smoke or dust."

"Blake's heart stopped five times while efforts were made to revive him. His hair is singed and his eyebrows and eyelashes were burned," Kingston said.

Emery County Sheriff LaMar Guymon said the boys were knocked unconscious when the lightning bolt struck them and a pine tree, where they were seeking shelter from the rain. Guymon said an emergency medical technician on the scene and family members administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation until help arrived.

The boys were taken to Castleview Hospital, Price, before being transported by air ambulance to Salt Lake City.