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If nothing else, June will be remembered as a very hot, dry month.

But lots of other records were broken, weather-wise, during the month.June was the warmest June on rec-ord at the Salt Lake International Airport, with an average temperature of 75.7 degrees. That is 1 degree above the record.

The previous warmest June on rec-ord was in 1961, when the temperature was 74.7 degrees, 6.4 degrees above normal.

If you tossed and turned a lot at night last month, there's a good reason, says William J. Alder, meteorologist in charge of the Salt Lake office of the National Weather Service.

Tallies will show June had the warmest average minimum temperatures on record, a sizzling 61.3. The previous warmest minimum temperature for any June was 60 degrees, recorded in 1986. This was an even 8 degrees above the average June minimum of 53.3.

There were 17 days when the temperature was 90 degrees or higher. On two days the temperature soared to 100 degrees or higher. The most days with 100-degree or higher readings was eight, recorded in 1961.

A paltry .03 of an inch of precipitation, measured June 26 at the airport, made June the third driest on record. Only .01 of an inch of moisture was recorded during June 1933 and June 1946.

Only 9.61 inches of precipitation has been recorded during the water year, which began last Oct. 1. That is 75 percent of the normal 12.78 inches. The nine-month period since October is the 10th driest on record in the 60 years of recorded weather data at the airport. Only 6.47 inches of moisture fell in the driest nine-month period, in 1933-34, Alder said.

The meteorologist said the Great Salt Lake continues to dwindle in area and depth because of above-normal amounts of evaporation and minimal flow into the lake.

"The lake has lost a little over 10 inches since it was at its highest point (this year) of 4,209.55 feet between Feb. 10 and March 26," Alder said.

"The lake fell nearly 5 inches in June. You can almost hear the water evaporate. The amount of evaporation in June equals the fall of June 1987," Alder said.

The water temperature Friday was a warm 78 degrees, with salinity at 8 percent, Alder said.