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Parents and administrators at Cascade Elementary School say they're disappointed about a school board decision to drop plans to build the school a new stage.

The Alpine School Board last year approved a $100,000 plan to enlarge the school's auditorium and add a stage. The 20-year-old school has never had one and has had to get by with a small portable stage, said Principal Kathryn Spencer.The board voted 4-1 last week to cancel the renovation after seven construction companies bid 22 percent or more above the district's budget for the project.

Board member David Harvey voted against dropping the plan, saying he believes the district should first look into reducing the cost of the project.

But Jack McKelvy, Alpine business manager, said finances are so tight, the district shouldn't even spend $100,000 on the project as originally planned.

McKelvey and other Alpine administrators are worried about what will happen to district finances if voters approve the tax initiatives scheduled to be on the November ballot.

The school will also have to do without the safety improvements that would have been part of the project. Cox said the reason the construction bids came in over budget was that workers would have been forced to bring the entire building up to present fire codes.