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FREMONT INDIAN STATE PARK, Sevier County - Indian history workshops and art exhibits are being conducted at the Fremont Indian State Park in Clear Creek Canyon, about 25 miles southwest of Richfield.

The workshops are designed for Utah teachers as part of the 1988 statewide Summer Institute for School Improvements. Three sessions have been held and another is planned July 13.Officials said the sessions help educators infuse Indian studies in the state's core curriculum now being implemented in local school districts.

The workshops at Fremont allow participants to take advantage of on-site opportunities for in-depth study of the Fremont Indians, said Wil Numkena, Indian education specialist with the Utah State Office of Education.

The agenda includes museum artifacts tours, rock art tours, visits to trails, caves and canyons, and workshops related to headdress making, drum making, beadwork, corn grinding and black rifles.

Sessions will conclude with a Paiute Indian dance and a Dutch oven dinner.

The Division of Parks and Recreation is also sponsoring a series of monthlong art shows at the visitor center. They are limited to exhibits by local and native American artists and photographers on subjects related to the theme of the park.

The first show features works of Mark Newton, a graduate of the University of Utah and an employee of the U.S. Forest Service. The exhibit remains open until July 31.

The Tushar Mountain Indian Village is open Tuesdays through Sundays near the park. It is a "working" Indian village, offering craft displays, horse and wagon rides and Dutch oven food services.