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United Way of Utah County has chosen Jay Weaver, plant manager at Stouffer Foods, as its campaign chairman for the 1988 drive to begin in September.

Weaver, while serving as campaign chairman, also will serve on the United Way Executive Board in Utah County. Before coming to Utah, Weaver worked with United Ways in Gaffney, S.C., and Solon, Ohio."I volunteer for the United Way," Weaver said, "because helping others in need is very important to me, and the United Way touches the lives of more of these people than most other organizations."

Weaver has chosen eight community leaders as division chairmen: Stan Adams, Mountain Fuel Supply Co.; Chris Cannon, Geneva Steel; John Stohlton, Brigham Young University; Sherm Cloward, a dentist; Mike Graham, Mountain View Hospital; Andy Anderson, First Security Bank; Kirk Parkinson, The Daily Herald; Ted Livingston, Mountainland Association of Governments, and Doug Cornell, Reilly Tar.

Each year, United Way raises money in Utah County that is allocated to community agencies that help the elderly, the handicapped, disaster victims, abuse victims, as well as health and medical research projects.