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Forte Hotels International has signed a multi-million dollar contract with AT&T and ENCORE Systems for a computerized reservations and management system for its 500 properties in North America, including 10 in Utah.

The computer network will give Forte Hotels one of the largest property management systems in the lodging industry and replace equipment used in Travelodge and Viscount hotels.Forte Hotels International is in the North American hotel operating and marketing division of Trusthouse Forts of London. Exclusive, Travelodge and Viscount hotels are all part of an 800-property network in 44 countries.

Called HART - Hotel Automated Reservation Terminal - the new system will use AT&T personal computers and ENCORE software in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The computers will be linked to Forte Hotels' mainframe in Kansas City and will speed the check-in/check out procedure, reservations process and help maintain guest history files, a spokesman said.