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PROVO - The trial of a New York woman charged with kidnapping her estranged husband has be reset for Aug. 1, 13 months after she and six accomplices allegedly abducted the man from a Provo parking lot.

Ann Gross Taylor, 56, is charged with the second-degree felony kidnapping of 80-year-old John Max Taylor on July 16, 1987. Mr. Taylor was her husband at the time, but the couple has since divorced.Pleasant Grove residents Raeldon Palmer, and his wife Joellen Palmer, who face related felony and kidnapping conspiracy charges, will be tried together Aug. 3, 4th District Judge Cullen Y. Christensen decided Friday. Four other accomplices have been convicted or have pleaded no contest to misdemeanor charges related to the kidnapping.

Taylor was to be tried earlier this year, but trials were postponed because of her poor health. She is expected to be released this month from a New York hospital, where she underwent back surgery.

Taylor claims she was rescuing her husband from relatives, not kidnapping him. At a preliminary hearing last year, Mr. Taylor claimed he was abducted, but later stated he was not taken against his will.

The Utah County attorney's office is expected this month to take a deposition from Mr. Taylor, who suffers from Parkinson's disease.