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Deposed PTL founder Jim Bakker says his proposal to buy and revive PTL's Christian theme park and television ministry is the best, but PTL's bankruptcy trustee says an Australian is the leading candidate.

"This is 100 percent payout of all debts to all creditors," Bakker said of his plan Thursday. "I don't know of a better deal over the table or under the table."

Bakker said at a brief news conference outside his office that an overseas financial group is willing to lend him the money he needs to regain control of the ministry. He said the lenders insisted they not be identified publicly.

Bakker said he gave details of his takeover plan to trustee M.C. "Red" Benton on Thursday and said he was allowing Benton 48 hours to consider it before releasing it to the public.

But while Benton had previously said he was open to any plan to save PTL and that Bakker was welcome to submit a plan, he said Wednesday that he changed his position this week because Bakker's presence threatened to deprive the ministry of all donations.