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A Salt Lake police officer shot and killed a youth's pit bull Wednesday after the youth apparently ordered the dog to attack the officer.

Officer Terry Opheikens said he was off duty but in police uniform and in a police vehicle when he approached the 17-year-old youth at 1210 W. Sixth North at 4:16 a.m. Wednesday to speak with him, according to police reports. The youth had a pit bull on a 6-foot chain with him. As Opheikens approached on foot, the youth said something to the effect of "get him" or "sic him" to the dog. The dog began to growl and bare its teeth according to the report.The report said Opheikens felt his safety was threatened and drew his revolver and fired one shot at the dog, striking it in the head.

Opheikens arrested the youth, who was transported to detention and later released to juvenile authorities.