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The condition of Blake Leon Dye, 5, a Huntington, Emery County, boy who was hit by lightning Sunday while at a family reunion, was upgraded Friday to serious by Primary Children's Medical Center physicians.

The boy, a son of Denzil and Joyce Dye, was still in intensive care. He had been in critical condition.The boy's father said Friday morning that Blake, who has been kept under medication so his body won't move and cause his brain to swell, opened his eyes earlier Thursday but didn't appear to recognize anyone. His mother, Joyce, said Friday morning that her son appeared to respond well late Thursday night when a nurse asked him to grab her hand.

Mr. Dye said Blake seems to be responding well to medical care. Medical tests indicate some improvement in his condition, Dye said.

The family expressed appreciation to doctors, nurses and other medical personnel for the "wonderful care Blake is receiving. They have a very personal way of caring for our son and other children," Dye said.

"We appreciate all the support of family, friends and people we didn't realize cared - who really do care," he said.

Blake's cousin, Zachary Dye, 5, son of Perry and Diane Dye, Bennion, Salt Lake County, who also was injured in the lightning strike in Huntington Canyon, was released Monday from Primary Children's Medical Center.

"Zachary is doing better every day. He's doing very well," his mother said.