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Melvyn Paisley allegedly received "checks and gifts" as bribes from two of the country's biggest contractors while serving as an assistant secretary of the Navy, according to court documents released Friday in the Pentagon corruption investigation.

According to a search warrant unsealed in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, Va., Paisley was working to obtain information on the advanced tactical aircraft program, a $35 billion long-term contract ultimately awarded to General Dynamics Corp. in partnership with the McDonnell Douglas Corp.Paisley, who left the Navy in 1987 to become a private consultant, already has been identified as a central figure in the sweeping investigation because he allegedly passed bribes to Pentagon procurement officials on behalf of McDonnell Douglas.

The new allegations support earlier suggestions that investigators in the two-year-old inquiry - dubbed "Operation Ill Wind" - are probing the possibility that Paisley took kickbacks while in government.

Federal investigators sought "information pertaining to . . . payment from General Dynamics and McDonnell Douglas to Paisley in the form of checks, gifts or other forms of remuneration, or to his wife, Vicki."

In addition, the search warrant also sought information or evidence on several other projects or defense contractors making payments to Paisley, including:

-Paisley's "support on behalf of Pratt & Whitney," a division of United Technologies Corp., for military programs that would benefit the company, including the JVX project and V-22 engine.

-"Payments or gratuities from Pratt & Whitney employees to Paisley during his tenure as assistant secretary of the Navy."

-Information regarding Paisley's assistance in helping Litton's Dalmo Victor Division to obtain a contract to supply the Navy with the ALR-67 radar warning receiver.

-Documents given to Paisley "regarding an overview of the foreign contracting process and a five-year master plan."

In all, the search warrant sought all documents "establishing an employee or contractual relationship between Paisley and 10 companies or individuals, including McDonnell Douglas, Martin-Marietta, United Technologies Corp., Norden Systems Corp., and Unisys Corp.